T-Plus Tractor Fluid

T-Plus Universal Tractor Fluid

DAUER T-PLUS Universal Tractor Fluid is formulated as a multi-purpose high-quality fluid for use in hydraulic, final drive, wet brake, transmission differential, and power steering systems commonly used in farm tractors and other off-road equipment.  This product meets the performance requirements of all major brands of tractors and farm equipment, providing excellent wear protection, seal compatibility, corrosion protection, gear pitting protection, and proper operation of wet brakes and clutches.

DAUER T-PLUS Universal Tractor Fluid meets or exceeds the following specifications: • Komatsu KES 07.866, AXO80 • Volvo WB 101 (VCE 97303) • API GL-4 (Gear Oil) • Case New Holland (CNH) – MAT 3505 (MS 1209), MS-1207 (Hy-Tran® Plus), 3506 (MS 1210) MS-1206 (PTF), MS-1205 (TFD-II), MS-1204 (TFD), 3509 (MS 1230, M2C48-C), 3510 (MS-1317, GL-4) • Ford-New Holland: M2C134-A,B,C,D, M2C41-B, M2C43, M2C48-A/B, M2C53-A/B, M2C77, M2C86-B/C, M2C91-A • Fiat M2C134-D FNHA-2-C-201.00, Spec 24M, and Spec 23M • John Deere: J20C (Hy-Gard), J20D, J20 A/B, J21A, J22, J14B/C, JD Type 303 and more.

  • Dauer Presentation: 250gal - 947L 250gal
  • Dauer Presentation: 55gal - 207L 55gal
  • Dauer Presentation: 5gal-  19L 5gal
  • Dauer Presentation: 5q- > 5L 5qt
  • Dauer Presentation: 1ga- > 4L 1gal
  • Dauer Presentation: 1q- > 1L 1qt